Where do we begin?

First, contact me.  We can schedule a consultation via Zoom / Teams / WhatsApp Video / FaceTime / Duo, in person at my Manhattan location or by phone call.  If we're a good fit, we sign a contract, you make a deposit, and I lock in the date of your event.  Then we plan together, using forms to help you collect information, forming a timeline for your event and organizing your vendors and venue.  On the day of, we'll have prepared so you can have fun as I work.

Is there a list of music I can pick from?

Your unique event is all about you and your music tastes, and no past playlist would be the right fit.  If we converse, and collaborate on a few short playlists (dancing and non-dancing, like cocktail hour / dinner music), I can get a feel for your style, and be ready to play to your crowd.  Regarding genres, there are no rules, and no judgement.  I respect your "Don't Play This" songs and will honor your "YOU HAVE TO PLAY THIS!" songs.  If you allow select, trusted guests to make requests at the event, I'll be sure to play the right ones at the right time.  It's worth repeating that you choose the vibe, it's your day!

What equipment do you bring?

In addition to the equipment listed next to the services to choose from, I bring professional, custom built DJ furniture by Taveras Loft Collection.  It's neat in person and pictures, strong enough to endure the touches of your most excited guest, and protects my DJ controller, laptop, and audio mixer.  My equipment is insured, as am I.

Do you bring lights?

I focus exclusively on giving you the best audio experience I can.  In my experience, dance floor lighting can clash with the decor of the room and ambient lighting can clash with photography and videography needs.  This is one reason why most New York City venues have established light installations that come with an in-house lighting tech that gives their full attention to the balance between: your needs, the needs of your other vendors (i.e. photographer, videographer, florist, decorator), and the requirements of the venue itself.  If you’d like to have lights installed at your venue, there are several independent light only vendors.

Can a musician or band plug into your audio equipment?

It's possible, but not guaranteed, and additional charges vary.

Who's the MC?

I'm proud to MC your event, in a style that you feel is best.  If you want a formal speaking voice, a hype MC or something in between, I'll be sure to read the room and honor your request.  At minimum, I'll make announcements in English or Spanish, at the appropriate and indicated times.  I'm bilingual, fluent, and understand cultural and grammatical subtleties in both languages (I'm not going to call Abuela "tu").

What's the backup plan?

I bring backup audio gear, and several copies of the selected music for your big day to every venue I am booked at.  In extreme situations (health events, transportation accident, etc.) I communicate with you to go over options ASAP.  In my 20+ years of DJing, I am proud to say I have made every event I've been booked at.  I've also built an extensive network, and am in touch with DJs that are ready, willing and able to serve as an emergency replacement.

How will you be dressed?

I wear a suit.  If you prefer dress shoes, formal shirt and tie, I'll be wearing that.  If you think tailored t-shirt and luxury sneakers accompanies your vibe better, I'll have that on.  (If you have other needs, let's talk!)

Do you know any photographers or videographers?

I've worked with a lot, and recently I've enjoyed working with:

Erneil of urbanemannersociety.com
Maria and Ricardo from capturedgroup.com
Fill of fillphotoandvideo.com
Ana and Mario from redstudios.tv


Let's work together; reach out today and I'll be in touch within 24-48 hours! Call (212)708-1504 or...

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