About Me

My goal for your event is straightforward: to create a musical atmosphere your guests will enjoy, in a tasteful way to conserve your excellent reputation.

I look to do this by curating my family-friendly music library with all genres, removing instances or entire songs with profanity, vulgar descriptions, and offensive lyrics.  I want you and your guests to feel comfortable for the entirety of the event, starting with the mood music that represents your style, whether you've chosen every song or have a few key picks you want me to build a playlist around.  I look forward to conversing with you about your musical tastes, previous experiences and vision well before the big day, and preparing accordingly.  When it's time to dance, I'll have your "Must Plays", "Do Not Plays", and requests guide me as I read the room, keeping bodies moving (some people feel most comfortable grooving at a table with their friends and singing along) and smiles on your guests' faces.

At the appropriate and indicated times, I'll make announcements in English or Spanish.  I'm bilingual, fluent, and understand cultural and grammatical subtleties in both languages (I'm not going to call Abuela "tu").   If you want a formal speaking voice, a hype MC or something in between, I'll be sure to read the room and honor your request.

I've done this for many clients throughout the years at:
Bridal Showers
Engagement Parties
Baby Showers
Gender Reveals‍
Graduation Parties
Retirement Parties
Corporate Events
Retail Events

I'm born and based in New York City, do events in New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, and am willing to travel (I even DJ'd in Anchorage once).I am insured, and my gear is as well.  

I constantly test and upkeep my sound equipment, making new purchases as needed.


Let's work together; reach out today and I'll be in touch within 24-48 hours! Call (212)708-1504 or...

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